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High Rollers Casino Bonus

The online casino is primarily a game of chance, since it is impossible to predict the number on which the ball will stop. Each roll is independent, which means that it is not impossible for the ball to fall several times in succession on the same number or the same color. During your first online roulette games, it is important to employ a secure strategy. This will allow you to feel more comfortable with the game before you start to risk a little more. If you bet large sums on your first attempts, you run the risk of quickly eroding your budget and even get discouraged in your next sessions. It is also important to be in a good mood when playing, which will allow you to avoid serious errors that are very costly in the long run.

Your best bet for the "outsiders" (red, black, even, odd) that gives you a chance to win of 48.64% and 46.37% respectively. Let's take an example, if you put 1 euro on the 'outside' in each roll to after 37 runs, will end with 36 euros. Since it will fall on average 1 time over 0, which corresponds to the advantage of the casino. If you think it is possible to beat on a regular basis, with a betting system like the "martingale", disengage yourself. The only possible long-term winner is the casino, seen the advantage of zero. However, this does not mean that during a period of luck, you can not win regularly using these methods. Before you start playing, it is advisable to read the rules of roulette. They are not as complicated as it seems, and once you know all the tricks, playing roulette will become more fun. You can practice for free on our site, which is a good way to know the nuances of the game. It is also important to remember the most important, have fun!

We will try to explain all the odds of the different combinations possible in bonus. It is easy to calculate those odds, and it is important to understand them when you have to make a decision before the ball is thrown. When it comes to playing online casino games , it is always good to follow some tips and strategies. In casino, however, it is very difficult to advise the player on how to choose their actions. On the other hand, you can prevent errors that should be avoided. Among these errors, we find betting strategies that almost never work and should be avoided. In , the advantage of the house is always critical, because it is constant. The advantage of the house in generally fixed at 5.20%, for only 2.70% in the case. Therefore, whatever strategy or bets the player makes, he will always end up losing money in the long run, even if he has the impression of earning a fruitful salary at first sight.

Among the most common strategies in roulette, we are obviously with the martingales. They usually consist of doubling the stake amount every time we have a losing hand. It is often said that if the player wins using a martingale, he will eventually recover the set of lost bets initially. However, even if the player bets continuously on a red square, there is no guarantee that the dealer will not pull a black square.

In addition, the player will have to rely on statistics that prove the lack of reliability of the martingales. In online casino games, the player must not pass a 500 credit bet limit. If he starts playing with a single credit and doubles consistently following the slogans of the martingales, he can not do more than 9 times. From the 10th bet, the player will have exceeded the limit. Not only will he have spent 512 credits, but also if his ten bets are balanced with 0, he will have lost money, due to the advantage of the house.

If there is a strategy that the roulette player can afford to use, this is the one suggested at the time when roulette was beginning to rage. Although it does not guarantee a sure victory, this method seems to approach more than the traditional martingales. This strategy consists of dividing the player's capital into 35 subdivisions. Each of these 35 subdivisions will form a betting unit that will allow betting on a specific number (remember that roulette has 35 squares). This procedure is very intelligent: if the player wins in the tenth roll, he recovers all his capital and the 25 remaining subdivisions form an option of extra gain. This procedure allows to keep the perfect balance and never lose too much money.


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